What is it YOU do?

Straight Fwd Co duo attended two awesome networking events last week in Delray. While we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we were most thrilled about the new friends and acquaintances we have made.

At the Delray Meets Delray we shared dinner table with the respectable Mayor, Cary Glickstein; the attentive CFO, Jack Warner; the lovely Karen Granger, head of Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce; and the cheerful Chief of Police and #chelfie master, Jeff Goldman. What an awesome bunch of people with one common passion of keeping our beloved Delray Beach a fun little town.

The following evening, we found ourselves at YPAD Social hosted by Apeiro Kitchen & Bar, mingling with the other ardent young pros of Delray Beach. YPAD is such an inspiring group of driven young people looking to change the world one idea at a time. We walked away with great takeaways and endless positive impressions.

Straight Fwd Co team

Through all this frenzy of delightful conversations and business card trades one question kept recurring, “What is it you do?” When prompted, most people gave a very inconspicuous, flat answer simply offering their current job title or mentioning their line of work. This got me thinking…

Why do we confine our entire complex and diverse being into a 2-3 words typed on our business cards? Why do we play safe and come off so bleak when our entire purpose is to shine?

Time for Truth Talk! Am I the only one who would rather hear the colorful description that gives a bit of a sneak peak at our favorite hobbies, side projects, a fun fact or two, a mention of a recent adventure, family status, favorite causes, and a sprinkle of any other mysteries that make you, well YOU!

Wouldn’t that we fun if instead of molding ourselves into a flavorless “I’m a … teacher, lawyer, financial forecaster, marketer, [replace with your job title], etc”, we would go all out and perfect our pitch to a more humanized, relatable version of who we truly are? Let's see...

“Hi! I am Yulia, a serial brunch-enthusiast with an unhealthy obsession over squishy-faced dogs, an avid reader of feminist books, a sustainable gardener, wanderlust traveling yogi, sunset-loving beach bum, wilderness hiker, a fierce marketing expert, and the founder and chief Truth Talker at Straight Fwd Co. Oh and my right ear has elf-like attributes to it. It’s nice to meet you!”

Don’t forget the element of surprise! Write your own now and try it at the next networking event you attended. You may make a few folks uncomfortable, but will surely leave a lasting impression. Best of all, you will avoid the robotic reply of your new acquaintance, followed by an awkward moment of “what should we talk about next?!”

Comment below with your ‘spruced up’ description of your personal character. Let's discuss the possibility.