Taking the Leap

There is this ephemeral moment in time when a sheer clarity of mind sets in and you just know what you MUST do, with all the conviction and without a doubt. That moment is called a BREAKTHROUGH, and today I’d like to share mine with you.

Friday, July 22 marks the day that I chose to take the leap and venture into an unexplored territory by leaving my comfortable corporate job to pursue a life of solopreneurship. I’m both excited and terrified because this is the scariest decision I’ve had to make in my whole life so far. But if we don’t stretch ourselves beyond our current capacity, how can we grow and master…

Following my passion for storytelling while leveraging my digital marketing skillset, I found a beautiful opportunity to create meaningful connections between brands and their customers and deliver a truly authentic approach to content marketing. My digital storytelling agency is appropriately called StraightFwdCo., emphasizing my quest to find truth and meaning in how we conduct business today.

I couldn’t have done this without my incredible support circle of family, friends, mentors and clients all of whom have believed in me and pushed me to always be better, more giving, more patient, more dedicated and full of dreams. It dawned on me that if you dream hard enough and work towards your goals, the ideas in your mind manifest into realities. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to those who stuck by me through the past few years of total commitment to my craft. Thank you for helping me believe in myself.