Thoughts on Turning 28...

Today I feel on a verge of something great - a new chapter, a new adventure and the end of an era. Last night I celebrated my last day of being 27 by staying up past midnight and falling asleep with my makeup on - on purpose. That felt like the most rebellious thing I could do to cling on to my identity of a girl, but in reality I've never felt more like a woman than today.

It's an exciting revelation that has very little to do with actual biological age, but likely influenced by the popular culture. I did some googling out of curiosity and wanted to share these fun facts about turning 28:

+ Women are at their happiest at the age of 28 - study published by the telegraph

+ Twenty-eight is the second perfect number, after 6, in mathematics

+ Average woman's cycle is 28 days - hence, new beginnings...

+ The melting point of butter starts at 28°C - that's important because I'm very tough on people, especially the opposite gender. Maybe a sign?! :D

+ Saturn Returns, which happens b/w ages 28-31, is thought to be the time at which we leave youth behind, and enter true adulthood. Exciting!

Looks like I'm on to something... Overnight, I feel very powerful, driven, determined and excited for the road ahead.

Would love to hear everyone else's experience of being 28. Comment below if you are also going through a feeling of transition, regardless of your current age.