6 Must-Have Apps for Social Editing

Life's too short for sloppy social media content! #TruthTalk time...

Do your brand a favor and STOP sharing generic, blurry, and ugly images and videos that completely misrepresent your amazing product or service. There are way too many tools, both free and low-cost that can give your social presence a much needed facelift. You will thank yourself later!

Below we compiled a list of our must-have apps for everyday social sharing, and we want to share it with YOU.

1. Watermark - Free to $2.97 for unlocked features - iOS

Our new favorite! Watermark lets you add a signature, logo, branding, website, store name, trademark to your images, as well as copyright protect your photos. All you need is your logo saved in a png. And if that’s not enough to convince you to try, this app comes with cool fonts, stamps, graphics and images for an added bonus. For $2.97 you can access to all the cool features!

watermark app

2. Facetune - $3.99 - iOS & Android
The lighting sucks, blurry image, too much background noise? It’s an easy fix with Facetune. Being photoshop junkies, we are pretty impressed with the various built-in features of this app that make photo editing so easy on-the-go. Make your smartphone photos looks like pro shots.

facetune app

3. Layout - FREE - iOS and Android

Perhaps the most versatile photo collage app on the web right now, Layout by Instagram does the hard work for you in dealing with complicated photo arrangements.  Easy drag and drop tools let you play around and ‘remix’ your photo creations to your personal liking. And it doesn’t cost you a penny!

layout app

4. PicFlow - FREE to $1.99 for the PRO - iOS & Android

For the love of slideshows, get this app. We are hooked on PicFlow Pro which complies many photos into an awesome video montage with music. We think this is a perfect app to recap events, celebrations and presentations into one savvy post vs. clattering your feed with multiple updates. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to use this app.

Here is our 4th of July video made in 5 minutes, while enjoying some refreshing coconuts in Delray Beach, mid-celebration.

5. Repost App - FREE - iOS & Android

How are you not using this one yet? It's genius! Your customers, followers and employees are your best assets - your street team! They spread the word and you should showcase that praise and give them some spotlight in return. Repost App is your modern-day shared testimonial.

The developers put it best, “Stop the screenshot & cropping nonsense! Find & share your favorite Instagram media without all the steps - all while tastefully pointing to the original post.” Amen!
repost app

6. Vibbidi - FREE - iOS

Beautiful videos made without a hassle. Lots of video apps out there, but few live up to the standard of Vibbidi. It’s a fun app to use, and makes the editing process a no-brainer. Added bonus, free music gallery with current, high quality track samples. Saves you $$$ in the iTune store.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your app store and start using these nifty tools today.

Have any cool apps to add? REPLY BELOW and let us know what your go-to tool is.