How puppies can make your Instagram page explode... and real science!

We are conducting a case study on Instagram to better understand how internet
content goes viral and what factors can be attributed to success versus luck. The underlining assumption is word-of-mouth virality effect can be engineered and controlled strategically.

As part of our experiment, two lifestyle accounts were created on September 27th
@girlsandpups and @dudesandpups

We will observe user habits, activity patterns, hashtags efficiency, follow and like trends, locational and demographic data as these accounts grow and generate new followers. The goal to reach 5,000 followers in 60 days for each account. The takeaways will be shared with our audience. Learn more and stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter and social media channels. 

Additionally, we have big plans for how to make these accounts useful for society once they become successful and generate a sufficient amount of traffic. 

Looking at cute puppies while learning something new - it's a win-win!